Q&A with Nick Christiansen, drama club president

Ashley Smiley, Staff Writer

Q: What are one-act plays, and how are they done at Plainfield South?


A: One act plays exactly what it says. It’s one act, and basically just a story condensed into one act instead of two. How they are run here at south, it’s normally done in the drama club and student led. It’s mainly seniors that direct, so this year I am sadly the only senior that is directing one.


Q: What does directing a one-act mean to you as a senior, especially being the only one directing this year?


A: I just remember one year that I student directed one of the plays. Kamrowski did most of the work and I was just there to help out, and I guess being able to direct my own show it’s like I’m a big deal, if that makes any sense.


Q: What are some things people can do to support the drama department at South?


A: Besides going to the one-acts, joining drama club and seeing how it is. We had a lot we were going to do this year but that fell through mainly because of how busy the school year has been. Being president really doesn’t help, and it puts a lot of pressure on you. We did a bake sale one year, and I think that’s really all we have done. Bake sales sell out pretty quick.


Q: What’s it like being the President of Drama Club?


A: I basically just run the meetings and I do things that would benefit the actors that are there. I know one time I had them do an improv exercise. Basically, two people are doing improv and then I say “Freeze!” and then swap out people so they can get a feel or a connection to that one person.


Q: Do you have any advice for underclassman actors?


A: No matter how many shows you audition for in your future, you may not get cast. Keep trying and never give up.