Former student faith club finds renewed passion


Richard Meyer Jr.

Youth Alive, a returning club at South, and it’s members are dedicated to spreading the gospel throughout the school. “The club is for people to hear the gospel and come to know who Jesus really is while having a safe place to go to. If they’re going through something they can come to us,” Adansi-Ofori said.

Richard Meyer Jr., Staff Writer

Youth Alive is a student-led faith-based Christian club that aims to provide students a safe place to grow in the faith of Jesus Christ and God. Youth Alive is led by Scott Nelson, Karla Favela, Judy Mensah, and NanaOye Adansi-Ofori. The club was originally founded in 2005, and while Youth Alive took a break for some years, the club restarted in December of 2021.

At the start of every club meeting, Adansi-Ofori welcomes new members and uses icebreaker activities to get to know one another. The club hosts a multitude of activities, such as playing games, bible studies, and watching videos. The videos they watch include methods to grow in their faith.

“When we watch videos. We don’t sit there the whole period; we discuss after or in between. Mr. Nelson helps a lot with that. He asks questions to further the discussion and expand it,” Mensah said.

Favela’s favorite activities are bible studies, while Mensah’s favorite activity is watching videos. Adansi-Ofori enjoys bible quizzes.

The club’s main focus is to unite the students of Plainfield South. Club leaders said that everyone in the club is considered family, and they connect with one another using faith.

“There’s so much brokenness in our school and not just in school but everywhere so we try to share that resolution,” Favela said.

The club also educates members of the club about Christianity.

“The club is for people to hear the gospel and come and know who Jesus actually really is and having a safe place to go to. If they’re going through something they can come to us,” Adansi-Ofori said,

The club welcomes everyone to join, including non-religious people, and club leaders aim to break Christian stereotypes.

“I know there are a lot of stereotypes and judgment about the bible and the gospel. There’s fake people out there that spread the false ways of Christianity, when the bible says that Jesus loves love. We’re here to spread love” Mensah said

While the club welcomes non-Christians, the club focuses mainly on Christianity and its beliefs.

“We are going to be spreading the gospel, and we’re not here to sugarcoat anything,” Mensah said.

Youth Alive is looking for more people to join, and it meets every Tuesday from 2:20 to 3:10 in room 193.