Fans cheer on girls soccer team at first game; scoring first win

The girls soccer team’s admirable determination and teamwork pays off as they began their season with a win.
Coach Thomas Blake says that he is very fortunate to have a great group of girls in the program who are dedicated and hardworking.
“Achieving our goals as a team always starts with staying bonded together and keeping good communication,” Blake said.
The soccer team prides themselves on helping and playing for each other.
Now that Covid restrictions have become more lenient, spring sports have a sense of normalcy.
“The main difference I would say is the season feels more traditional than last year with some of the difficult circumstances everyone had to deal with both at home and with the team,” Blake adds.
This season there are many key players including seniors Olivia Kardadi, Sarah Kehrer, Vanesa Krejci and Hallie Meachum.
“We have lots of stars throughout our roster that help us succeed in many different ways from contributing to scoring, defending our net, to playing physical, helping keep possession, and more,” Blake said.
Kehrer plays center back and says she has been playing soccer since she was around 4 or 5 but her passion for the sport began in middle school.
“Since the beginning of the season, I have grown a lot mentally and become a better teammate through injuries and losses,” Kehrer said.
Kehrer focuses on doing her best and not pushing herself too hard when mistakes happen to push her further towards her goals.
Through games and practices her teammates keep her motivated, making her laugh even when things are hard.
“I would just like to thank the team for being some of the best and most fun people I have ever played with,” Kehrer said.
Coach Blake loves to see fans in the stands on game days, cheering the team on. As the weather warms up, he hopes to see everyone there.
Anyone that would like to follow the team on social media can do so on twitter: @PSHSGirlsSoccer and on Instagram: @pshs_girls_soccer.