Q&A with badminton coach, Mike Shubert

Isabelle Davis, Staff Writer

Q:What do you think about the team’s skill level this year?

A:“I think we have a great team this year. We have a number of returning players who are playing up on our varsity. We have a couple of sophomores who have been brought up to varsity and showed some great potential. For the first time ever, we have an actual freshman team where they’re playing freshman duels, which is great. They’ve learned a ton and it’s amazing when you look at where some of these girls started this season with how far they progressed.”

Q: Can you tell us about some of your players and/or team-winning plays this season?

A:“Right now, our number one singles player is Jaden Inamine; our number 2 singles player is Sarah Rozalowski; our number one doubles team is senior Jaden Inamine and sophomore Ilanna Lucheck, so they’re playing in the top position in the program.”

Q: What are some skills your team members can work on before next season?

A: “One of the things we always encourage the girls is to just play as much as they possibly can. There’s lots of opportunities once the season is over to go and play some badminton outside. There’s lots of facilities. We’re also going to have a little summer camp this season. Kind of our idea is the more time they spend holding a racket the better players they become.”