Pinnochio’s live action flick fails to impress

Alyssa Carino, Staff Writer

In the beginning of 2020, the live-action remake of Mulan was released on Disney+ following the release of 16 other movies, including the first ever remake of The Jungle Book.
According to Jack Giroux from Grit Daily, the launch of Mulan on the streaming service was so successful that the studio decided to release all future remakes on Disney+. Pinnochio is coming to us from director Robert Zemeckis, starring Tom Hanks (Geppetto), Benjamin Evan Ainsworth (voice of Pinnochio), and Joseph Gordon Levitt (voice of Jiminy Cricket).
Overall, the live-action Pinocchio was not a favorite of Disney fans. Due to the childish nature of the film, kids and adults both showed disinterest. There was not enough live action for the adults, and the script was hard to follow for children. Several critics have expressed their thoughts, including not all animated movies should be turned into live-action films.
Many have noticed the film has multiple animated characters while others speculated aspects of the original movie would be taken out, although this has been proven false. Questionable characters such as Honest John, Stromboli, and Monstro the malicious whale, can be seen on screen in the film.
Pleasure Island, a place where kids can misbehave all they want in the initial film, are still featured, although without significant adult activities. Instead of children chewing cigars, they are seen indulging in their sweet tooth, and instead of making beer widely available, they are handing out root beer. Disney wanted to ensure that parents would allow their children to watch the movie, guaranteeing Pleasure Island would be more age-appropriate.
Many fans were skeptical about the animation of the new film. Since the movie is partially live-action and partly animated, some were worried