Aiden O’Sullivan Q&A

Alyssa Carino, Staff Writer

Q: What does your practice regimen look like?
A: I practice almost every day, usually for at least two hours, and I’ll practice a variety of things for golf. I chip, putt, go to the driving range to play practice rounds.
Q: You are currently ranked number one on the team. How do you mentally prepare yourself for competitions the day of?
A: I think confidence is important. I think going out there and knowing I’m the best player out there and I know I can go and compete as the best player.
Q: What’s it like to have your sister on South’s girls’ team and your mom as their assistant coach?
A: It’s fun. I think it’s competitive, my little sister always tries to beat me. She can’t yet.
Q: How did you get into golf?
A: My whole family is into golf; my grandpa worked at a golf course and so did my mom.
Q: Do you know which one?
A: Cog Hill golf and country club. It’s in Lemont. I’ve been golfing my whole life.
Q: What age did you start at?
A: Probably like four, but I didn’t take golf seriously until freshman year and I’ve played number one varsity since freshman year.