4×5 Art show coming to South

Isabelle Davis, Staff Writer

Would you be able to make astonishing art in just a 4×5 frame? Art students at South  can look forward to The Chicagoland 4×5 High School Art Exhibition on Nov. 9 at Oswego High School.

4×5 is a gallery of student artwork from sculpture to digital arts. What makes 4×5 different is specific requirements, including all submitted work must be in 4×5 dimensions. The small size allows for the gallery to display hundreds of artworks allowing for more students and schools to participate. 

The 4×5 measurements also challenge students to make skilled and detailed art in smaller dimensions that they normally wouldn’t use.

When asked How 4×5 is run on South’s end Mr. Harvey replied with, “There’s a limited amount of spots with the 4×5 show. Those space are usually reserved for the advanced students and AP portfolio students, They are made aware of the show and then asked to submit something and then from that pool we usually pick and then any remaining spaces or outstanding work from our into level classes is considered after those students our advanced and and portfolio classes have a chance to submit.” 

 To register in this competition students need to talk to an art teacher in order to submit artwork to the competition. On whether you must be an art student to register for 4×5 Harvey states “No? So the way the registration works the is schools register each school can submit a certain number of pieces and it’s up to the school or staff of the school to decide who submits which works, So anybody could bring work attention and we could consider for the show.”

 Now remember, not all artworks turned will be submitted to the show.

The end of the school registrations is on September 30.The Chicagoland 4×5 Art Exhibition will be hosted by Oswego High School with opening and awards presentation November 9. 

“It’s pretty neat. Last was the first in person reception they after the remote learning and social distancing during 2021. So that’s kinda cool to be able see all the students and artwork and Oswego does a really good job organizing the show, I think some of their NHS students help curate and it’s a great good old time” Says Harvey.

The day will be split up into three parts. The artist can attend Portfolio day, an opportunity to be critiqued by top college art and design programs and also a great way to get the portfolio out into the art world. According to the 4×5 website, Portfolio day will be determined on whether it will be virtual or in person but either way it will start 5 to 7 pm on the opening day  of the gallery. If Portfolio day is viral make sure you have a viral copy of your portfolio to share online. 

The next part of the day would be when the gallery itself opens, 6:30 pm, This will be when the public will be allowed to see all the artworks displayed. At 7:30 they will do the award ceremony and announce the winning pieces.

On Why artists should attend 4×5 Harvey answers with “So there’s a reception in November in Oswego that would be very beneficial because they bring in colleges or representatives of colleges in our area specifically from their art programs which gives students a chance to met those schools and ask any questions about attending art schools or present their portfolio and for pointers there, also gives you a chance to mingle with other art students from high schools in our area and see some of the work created by your peers..”   

 People who are not artists can participate by going and supporting the artist in the community and seeing all of the amazing art from the Chicagoland art students.