Q&A with senior class president, Nora Signore

Victoria Camarada, Staff Writer

Q: Why do you want to be class president?
A: I feel like our class [and] the students don’t get enough representation in faculty meetings; we want a lot of things and we need a lot of change in this school. When we voice our opinions teachers will [say] ‘yeah okay’, but we are not really heard.
Q: What do you plan on doing as senior class president?
A: As class president I want to [give] more opportunities for students and get students more involved in [school activities]. Since COVID, a lot of people don’t participate in things because they think [it’s] weird or are not used to it. I want to [organize] and make events people will participate in because participating in school events is important.
Q: Who in your life has inspired you to become a leader? What motivates you?
A: My mom has inspired me to be a leader. My mom has always gotten things under control and if something is wrong she always figures out a way to change it for the better, and I think that has [passed on to me] and now I think that something is wrong I need to figure out a way to change it and make it better.
Q: What is your favorite subject and why?
A: My favorite subject is science because it is the field I want to go into when I grow up. Right now I am in environmental science and it is my favorite [class] because of the teacher and the people I am in class with; they make it a good environment. [What we are learning is] interesting information that I would not have learned if I did not take the class. It is important what we are learning and the teacher and the people make it easy to learn.
Q: What do you want to go into after high school?
A: After high school I want to go into marine science and biology because I want to focus on marine [life conservation]. I think that it is really important.
Q: If you could go back to any grade in school which would it be and why?
A: If I could go back to any grade in school I would go to 5th grade because it was easy and we still went on a bunch of field trips, which we don’t do any more which makes me really sad. It was just really fun and everything was so simple. We got to use pens for the first time and that was the best thing in the world.