Link Click impresses anime fans everywhere

Link Click is a new anime style show that has me hooked since the first episode. The show includes mystery, drama, and utter despair wrapped into a satisfying art style with great music and voice acting. Though it has an anime style, it is not by definition an anime. It originated in China back in April of 2021 by director Li Haoling. 

The story follows two young men, Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang, who have supernatural powers. Xiaoshi can enter the past through  photos by looking at it and clapping his hands. He appears in that photo as the person who took it and he can stay in the photo for 12 hours. Guang can see everything that happens in a photo within twelve hours of the time the photo was taken. The two can combine their abilities by high-fiving while looking at a photo so Xiaoshi goes into the photo but can still talk to Guang. With this ability, they solve mysteries that their client wishes to know. 

I have fallen in love with this show. The characters are still shaded in secrecy at some points but the audience slowly starts to learn more about them. It felt as if I was really learning about someone in real time. It also had me screaming at my screen even though the characters couldn’t hear me. 

Season two was announced to release in 2023 with more time traveling and guessing by the most recent episode, it will mess with the mind.