Black Panther: Wakanda Forever redeems MCU reputation

Isabelle Davis, Staff Writer

Warning the rest of the text will have some minor spoilers for Black Panther: Wakanda forever
Released on Nov. 11, Wakanda Forever reached an astonishing 85% positive critic reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, higher than both Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (74%) and Thor: Love and Thunder (64%) in the tomatometer, making it one of the most highly rated Marvel movies in 2022. In fact, the sequel to Black Panther was only surpassed by Werewolf by Night’s at 90%.
Marvel fans buzzed how the new installment might handle the late Chadwick Boseman, Yet, Boseman’s death is respected in the movie through memories and grief cycles.
The movie begins with King T’Challa dying while his sister, Shuri, scrambles to save him. Viewers spend the rest of the movie observing how Shuri deals with her  great loss. Before being able to process her loss in a healthy way, she gets interrupted by Namor, the King of Talocan, demanding they do his bidding or else his Talocan will wage war on Wakada. So instead of spending proper time to grieve her brother Shuri and Okoye, the General of the Dora Milaje, go on a mission to prevent a war but things aren’t as they appear.
As a hardcore Marvel fan myself, this for sure isn’t the best movie ever in Marevl history but definitely a movie Marvel fans will enjoy. It’s quite a gem compared to the other superhero movies of 2022. I loved the character dialogue, it felt like I was watching fully developed people talk and react and not just a bunch of actors reading lines. The characters were also consistent in their views and didn’t do some random twist at the end.Now consistent characters wasn’t the only good thing about this movie.We have tons of beautiful backdrops and scenery that add so much to the mood of the scenes. The Most entertaining scenes were the fights by far that had no noise and focused solely on the visuals and movement of the characters and their weapons.Marvel brings new age heroes like Shuri into the spotlight, which is exciting, providing  a great opportunity for fans, young and old, to experience fresh new comic book heroes on the big screen.