Enright leads by example


Anna Wittenkeller

Lorie Enright is reaching the end of her first year in student services as someone who “is always willing to lend a hand anywhere she can,” according to Barbara Kowalski.

Alyssa Carino, Staff Writer

Going from being a teacher, to librarian, to working in the main office, Lorie Enright has finally found a place in student services.
Enright’s love for the students is the reason she comes to work everyday, and she contributes to the work environment by helping out anyone that needs it. Enright affects those that surround her everyday by bringing a positive outlook and a contagious smile.
She is “always willing to lend a hand anywhere she can, [and is] a total team player,” Barbara Kowalski said, student service secretary.
Working well together from the start, Enright calls Kowalski her work wife as they have become very close friends.
“I hope she stays here forever,” Kowalski said.
Enright to interact with many students every day. Certain students help hand out passes during their study hall, and in their down time they sit in student services, talking with Kowalski and Enright.
“I like talking to her, she’s very talkative,” senior pass runner Alyssa Jones said. These students say that she is very fun and always knows how to put a smile on someone’s face.
“She’s charismatic, [and is] just there for everyone,” senior pass runner Regan Furmankiewicz said.
Students enjoy talking to her because she lives in the moment.
“She’s like a mom, [she’s] very caring and supportive,” senior pass runner Jasmine Mendez said.
Outside of school, Enright enjoys spending time with her family and is a huge White Sox fan. She is very proud of her children who have become a teacher and a welder, and she loves her dog Eleanor, a Cairn Terrier.
She enjoys seeing students caring for each other in passing and is happy to use her experiences and past to help.
“It’s not just a job to me, this is a way of life for me. I’m just so grateful to be here,” Enright said.