Saying goodbye to the beloved series, The Owl House

Isabelle Davis and Rachel Mackey

Peabody Award winner and beloved Disney show The Owl House is ending its final season with three forty-five minute specials to wrap up the series. After a controversial run, The Owl House leaves its fans with a few more months of content.
The show follows Luz Noceda, a human who stumbles into the Demon Realm, and wishes to learn magic like the other kids her age. Through the help of a mentor, Eda “the Owl Lady”, and adoptive brother, King “of demons”, Luz makes new friends and goes on adventures full of hijinks.
The Owl House is most famous for its in-depth characters and representation within them. Luz, for example, is a bisexual Dominican-American dating a lesbian character, Amity Blight. Dana Terrace, the show’s creator, features a mostly queer cast as well as people of color in the forefront of the show.
The best characters find themselves in the previously named Amity and Eda. Amity, being Luz’s love interest, starts as a mean girl and eventually shows her true, kind colors. She’s funny at first and then becomes extremely sympathetic as we learn more. Then, Eda, as Luz’s adoptive mother, provides the younger characters with emotional stability during their turmoil. Eda is against the status quo and fights for people who are different, which makes her particularly engaging.
Of the forty-two current episodes, some stand out in particular. In season one, “Understanding Willow” and “Enchanting Grom Fright” go into the depth of important cast members’ psyches. Meanwhile, in season two, “Knock, Knock, Knockin’ on Hooty’s Door” and “Hollow Mind” are plot-heavy and essential to character growth and show development. Even though a viewer should start at the beginning, these episodes are integral to an enjoyable watch. The Owl House is a beloved series, and even with its short run, it has made its way into the hearts of viewers everywhere. The world building, characters, and found family trope all make this show a worthwhile watch. Though it will be missed, we hope to enjoy these last few months with the characters.