A new generation of environmentalists at South

Ashley Smiley, Staff Writer

The Environmental Club at Plainfield South strives to share current environmental news with students and make South’s campus a more climate-friendly place. Led by seniors Erin Davis and Ana Aviles, the club is fully student run each meeting
With the rising intensity of climate change and other environmental crises around the world, Davis and Aviles became inspired to restart the club after its brief cancellation due to past scheduling issues.
“The reality of our future is that the environment’s well being is going to begin to affect all of our lives. To accommodate this new reality our generation needs to educate ourselves on how to help our planet, which our club intends to do,” said Ana Aviles, senior and leader of the environmental club.
Aviles and Davis came together to create the club, hoping to make it a place for other people to connect on like interests of the environment.
“We [thought we] can make this club into something big and kind of connect on like a shared interest with the environment since it’s not something spoken on much in our district,” said Davis, senior and co-leader of the environmental club.
Each club meeting begins by students introducing themselves with a random fun fact. Davis and Aviles switch off leading meetings.
“I mean, we usually have soda and chips at every meeting. If you’re looking to come and you want an incentive! Everybody in the club is very nice and it’s very student-led,” said Quinn Mika, a junior and an active club member.
If the weather is nice outside, the most frequent club activity involves trash pick ups around the school campus.
“When they come back, you’re surprised with how big the bag is. It usually gets really big, like a couple pounds. I feel like it’s kind of a big shock because you don’t realize how much you’re contributing to the environment until you see it’s all in this one big bag,” said Davis.
Meetings also include discussing current climate events, talking about fundraiser ideas, and brainstorming places for students to participate in club ideas.
“I want to highlight how much she [Aviles] has presented so many creative ideas. I’m hopeful for the next generation of people,” said Davis.
The club is currently planning multiple different opportunities in the future.
“We plan to have guest speakers, bake sales, and more trash pickups when the weather gets nicer. We also like to have an end of the year party to celebrate the club,” said Aviles.
The club is a positive environment for students to not only involve themselves with environmental issues, but to meet new people.
“If you’re looking for a way to help out with the school, or if you’re just interested in the environment, it’s a very good thing to be involved in. We talk a lot about environmental issues,” said Mika.
The Environmental club meets in room 315 every Friday from 2:20 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. All are welcome to join.