Student Spotlight: Nick Welter

Brad McClelland, Sports Editor

As a transfer student from Providence Catholic High School, junior Nick Welter was not sure how people would react to him when he got here. Welter minimized people’s curiosity by playing golf, basketball, and singing in concert choir.
“I wasn’t sure what to expect when I got here, but the students and staff here are very friendly,” Welter said.
After the golf season Welter didn’t have very much time to prepare for basketball tryouts, but he earned himself a spot of the varsity team. He had to learn a new offense and learn the tendencies of some of his new teammates, but Welter new some of the guys before he came here in the fall.
“Nick and I grew up playing baseball together, so the chemistry was already there,” said senior point guard Mikey Ortiz.
“I have known Nick since first grade, and I knew he would bring great things to the team,” said junior forward Danny Kilgore.
The team all has different things they like about Welter. Many of his teammates said he makes the team better. They like his length and also the fact that he has a good jump shot ,which makes him even harder to guard.
“I like how he is a big man that has range and can step out and hit 3’s,” said senior guard Michael Santillo.
When Welter hits threes, the other teams have to adjust to make sure he doesn’t hit anymore three point baskets, which open up his other teammates closer to the basket.
“He spreads the floor well with his ability to hit an outside shot,” said senior guard Shane Ritter.
“He gives us more size and is a good driver to the basket,” said junior Logan Ludy. Welters dribbling ability adds one more asset to his game which makes him even better and a bigger headache for opposing teams to defend.
When Welter isn’t playing sports, he is trying to perfect his vocals as a part of the Plainfield South Choir, or he is catching up on his ACT preparations for this upcoming March.