Student Spotlight: Daniel Caldwell

Be positive, be respectful, and be involved. The classic school motto that everyone has heard once or twice in their high school career. Teachers want students to strive for being all of those things and more. Freshman varsity wrestler, Daniel Caldwell is one student who does just that.

Caldwell is no stranger to working hard. His favorite subject in high school are geography and culture because they are fun and interesting. Also, he was brought to the varsity wrestling team halfway through the season as a freshman.

“He kept working day in and day out and he showed definite improvement,” said wrestling coach Jason Acevedo.

The coach hopes for Caldwell to compete in the varsity lineup for next year.

“I like [wrestling] as a whole because of what it teaches you,” Caldwell said.

Although he works hard in wrestling, he never failed to keep school important.

“He was always prepared to give his best at school and at practice,” said English teacher Hannah Christie.