New Member of the PSHS Faculty Opens Up About Her Life Inside and Outside of the School

Alison Szwajkowski, Staff Writer

This year South has welcomed in 27 new teachers. One of them, Heather Conte, is a new member of the math department and has opened up about her experience.

“I taught for five years at Reed Custer High School in Braidwood before I came to South,” said Conte. She studied at Augustana College and earned her master’s degree in math at Governor State University.

“I love to read and travel,” said Conte. While in college, she studied abroad in Europe and became well-traveled during that time. One of the most significant parts of her trip was her five week visit in London, England. That trip became one of many that influenced her love of travel and other cultures.

Conte, originally from Rockford, IL, finds family very important. She is close with her younger sister, as well as her parents. Being family-oriented, she and her husband spend a great deal of time restoring an old house they purchased in Lockport.
Conte says she has always had an aptitude for her chosen specialty: math. She enjoys all of the applications that connect to math and future careers altogether.

“I want to be a better math teacher than the ones I had in high school,” said Conte. “I want to explain things in a way that students can understand.”

Conte chose to come to South because of the “diversity of the students”, and “good reviews of the school,” her passion for teaching and ability to connect with the students makes her a strong role model and positive influence among her classes.

Having strong and positive opinions of the school, Conte is looking forward to a future at South. “I still hope to be teaching here and be involved in the culture of the school,” says Conte.

A favorite quote of Conte’s is: “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere,” Albert Einstein.