New Boys Dance Group “Blues Brothers” To Perform During Homecoming Week

Brandon "Hawk" Smith, Staff Writer

Brittany Cieplinski and Natalie Fisher are the creators of the Blues Brothers group at South. Finally being able to bring an all-male dance group, they took the challenge to bring all they have to make this a successful group.
“Ms. Cieplinski and I created the Blues Brothers, to help increase school spirit and student involvement during Homecoming Week. It’s a big hit at other high schools in the area and we wanted to start it here at South,” said Fisher. After she realized more school spirit was needed, she decided it was the perfect time to make the group.
“We hope that interest for the Blues Brothers will continue to grow each year and encourage more guys of all ages to join. It’d be fun to see it become a homecoming staple,” said Fisher. Now hoping that more and more males will going this group throughout years to come. After the appearance of this year’s performers, they will be going to make a long term impact on the school involving pride at South and involvement with other classes.
“Both the boys and girls team have their positives and bring school spirit to South! Either way, we get to share and spread our love for dance!” said Fisher.
Fisher explained that they choreographed routines themselves.
“We chose songs that we thought would be fun crowd-pleasers for guys to dance to. We also looked for current popular songs and dance moves,” said Fisher.
Both of the teachers and dancers worked very hard in their lives all throughout their childhoods. Always having the passion and effort to do their best in their academics and dancing.“I have been dancing since I was 4 years old. I continued to dance in a company through high school and then did some small dance activities in college!” said Cieplinski. Additionally, “I started dancing when I was about 5 years old and have been ever since. I danced throughout high school, college, and have continued post-college,” said Fisher. After their hard dedication and work ethic, they take their time out of their day to make the Blues Brothers a group that will be remembered and loved for years to come.