All Things New at South for the 2015-2016 School Year

Kaitlin Darche, Features Editor

A new school year means new faces of students, and that is no exception for teachers. Over 20 new teachers were hired at the start of this year, and many feel welcomed and excited to be here.

“Plainfield South has been extremely warm and welcoming,” said English teacher Danielle Salvatore. “The positive energy from both the students and staff makes my job very enjoyable.”

Overall, the new teachers include four science, one English, three physical education and drivers education, three special education, three student services, three CTE, one copy room, two math, three social studies, and three world language and fine arts, and five administrative positions.

The new teachers are not only excited about the new change, but are looking forward to learning about their students.

“I’m excited about finding out more about the kids and then helping them do well not only in my class, but also to gain skills that will help them for their futures,” said science teacher Jennifer Woods.

Veteran teachers have moved positions as well. Bob Yanello became the principal but was formally the athletic director for 14 years. Bryan Radavich became one of the deans, but he taught for over 11 years as a history teacher. Ken Bublitz, former dean, replaced Yanello as the athletic director. Kristi Boe became the assistant principal for student services after working the last two years as a guidance counselor and ten years as a history teacher. Phil Pakowski is now the new assistant principal for curriculum and instruction and Ryan Flanagen is now a part of the deans after teaching drivers education for 11 years.

Throughout the building, the new teachers are eager to teach the students more about their subjects and how to use it in life.

“I want to hopefully reach the students and get them excited about fitness- getting them not be the best athlete, but to have an understanding that just because you’re not an athlete you can still be physically fit and to have fun doing it,” said Physical Education teacher Janeen Carlberg.

While some teachers are new here to South, they are some that have been teaching before.

Social Studies teacher, Tim Wulf, is happy to finally be here after teaching middle school for 14 years.

“I want to form those good, positive relationships with kids and to see them grow and to figure what I’m doing now that I’m at a new level,” said Wulf.

Pakowski explained that he likes to go into the different classes every day, while Bublitz said becoming the new athletic director has been a “pleasant learning experience.”