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Abby Murillo, News Editor

My name is Abigail Murillo, or Abby, I am 16 years old, a junior at Plainfield South, and the News Editor for Plainfield South’s newspaper, the Paw Print. Originally I was from a small town called Hodgkins, where I lived for about 15 years, up until June of last year when I moved to the Plainfield area. Before coming here, I previously attended Lyons Township high school. 

   I lived in the town of Hodgkins up until my freshman year of highschool. As someone new to the Plainfield area, I don’t know much about the area itself. My home town is like a stereotypical movie town, everyone who lives there has lived there for most of their lives. The community is very tight knit, as everyone knows everyone. 

   As a child I developed an interest in writing and reading. I loved to delve into fictional world’s, while also writing my own. As a shy and quiet child, writing and reading became a form of self expression. Due to this I participated in a lot of book clubs, and writing events my schools hosted, and why ELA was always one of my favorite classes. It was the time where I could spend my time writing and dissecting stories and poems.

    I am the eldest of six children, having three brothers and two sisters. My parents were teen parents, so they had to take the responsibility of raising a child fairly young. Despite their age they did well in raising me.

    I am quite close with my mother, as she’s only about 16 years older than me. We do everything together and she’s my biggest support. 

    I hope to one day be a Journalist, and work for the Chicago Tribune. Ever since I watched Gilmore Girls at age 10, I knew being a Journalist was what I wanted to do. My goal is to hopefully attend Brown University, and study Journalism.

    I took a journalism class back at my old highschool, and I even did a couple of review and sport pieces for that school newspaper. 

    I decided to take this class, as I wanted to gain more knowledge and experience in order to improve my writing. I also just simply thought it would be nice to have a class that surrounds itself around the act of writing, which is something I’m good at and enjoy. Overall, it just seemed like a great way to get my writing out, and for my writing to grow.


Here is a story written by Ally Walker, about Abby Murillo 

Lover of many different music and book genres, Abby Murillo talks about her passion for reading and writing in her role as the News Editor for the Paw Print. 

Murillo came back to journalism 2 after taking Journalism 1 at another school. She loves journalism and working on the paper along with the environment of the class. 

“I would say the writing aspect of it [brings me comfort in journalism]. I’m a big writer obviously. For me, writing is a way to express my thoughts and feelings as someone who has a hard time getting my thoughts out,”  Murillo said.

Paw Print adviser and journalism teacher  Caroline Butler also commented on Murillo’s personality. 

“Abby comes off very quiet at first, but it just shows she is a very good listener. Listening is one of the greatest skills you can have in Journalism,” Butler said. 

Murillo loves to read and write, and considers the topics to be “all she does” in her freetime. She tries to read at least three to four books on a weekly basis if she is not busy. If she does happen to be busy, she still tries to manage to get at least two books read in a week.  

“I am a big fantasy reader. Fantasy, romance, a lot of horror dystopian kind of stuff. Anything not realistic,” Murillo said. She thinks that cliche romance novels are not terrible, and that sometimes the stories can be cringy, and sometimes they can be comforting. 

Murillo believes that it is important to support everyone in the journalism class during competition time. She thinks a key important role is to and support each other for a good team environment to lead the team to success. 

“Being comfortable in whatever section you’re going into and even practicing [for conference]” Murillo said, who also mentioned to keep practicing and to “[help] one another obviously.”

Murillo enjoys many different types of music. There is a wide variety of music that she listens to, and there is a wide range of music in her music library as well. She listens to a lot of indie rock, k-pop, and even latin music. Murillo can speak Spanish, which is a reason she listens to the genre. 

“I love BTS; they’re my favorite group. I’ve liked them since 2017. It’s been awhile. I love Ateez. I love them. Girl groups, I would say Dreamcatcher- they’re very more rock I would say. Rock music or indie rock. Evanescence,” Murillo said. 

Murillo is an enjoyer of many different book genres, and is looking forward to graduating and going to college.

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Abby Murillo