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Abby Murillo, News Editor

My name is Abigail Murillo, or Abby, I am 16 years old, a junior at Plainfield South, and the News Editor for Plainfield South’s newspaper, the Paw Print. Originally I was from a small town called Hodgkins, where I lived for about 15 years, up until June of last year when I moved to the Plainfield area. Before coming here, I previously attended Lyons Township high school. 

   I lived in the town of Hodgkins up until my freshman year of highschool. As someone new to the Plainfield area, I don’t know much about the area itself. My home town is like a stereotypical movie town, everyone who lives there has lived there for most of their lives. The community is very tight knit, as everyone knows everyone. 

   As a child I developed an interest in writing and reading. I loved to delve into fictional world’s, while also writing my own. As a shy and quiet child, writing and reading became a form of self expression. Due to this I participated in a lot of book clubs, and writing events my schools hosted, and why ELA was always one of my favorite classes. It was the time where I could spend my time writing and dissecting stories and poems.

    I am the eldest of six children, having three brothers and two sisters. My parents were teen parents, so they had to take the responsibility of raising a child fairly young. Despite their age they did well in raising me.

    I am quite close with my mother, as she’s only about 16 years older than me. We do everything together and she’s my biggest support. 

    I hope to one day be a Journalist, and work for the Chicago Tribune. Ever since I watched Gilmore Girls at age 10, I knew being a Journalist was what I wanted to do. My goal is to hopefully attend Brown University, and study Journalism.

    I took a journalism class back at my old highschool, and I even did a couple of review and sport pieces for that school newspaper. 

    I decided to take this class, as I wanted to gain more knowledge and experience in order to improve my writing. I also just simply thought it would be nice to have a class that surrounds itself around the act of writing, which is something I’m good at and enjoy. Overall, it just seemed like a great way to get my writing out, and for my writing to grow.

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Abby Murillo