Staff says goodbye to beloved hall monitor

Ella Underwood, Chief Editor

  • Steve, From my 1st day in the kitchen and my days in the cafeteria to the attendance office, you have always been kind and helpful. You helped acclimate me to the building and the people here at South because no one knows them better than you! I will miss your presence and our random chats, but I could not be happier for you! You certainly deserve to enjoy your retirement. Please keep in touch and take care of yourself! ~Gina


  • Steve, we will miss you at Plainfield South!  Your morning greeting, your stories and your presence will truly be missed.  Thank you for all you have done at Plainfield South. I wish you all the best in retirement!  Enjoy! Hope you stop and visit from time to time. -Mrs. Sherrie


  • Steve was always such a huge supporter of any Student Council Activity.  Whether it was a bake sale, ticket sales, or the car show we could always count on Steve to help us make sure things went smoothly.  He always put our students first, and went out of his way to make sure that every student knew what was going on.  We will miss him dearly. – Samantha Scanlan


  • Steve has always been incredibly kind to me and I will never forget some of the conversations that we had during my first year at South.  His ability to connect with both students and staff will be missed. -Dan Shuman


  • Dear Steve, I’m going to miss our talks about Chicago and Detroit. It’s always nice to run into another city boy with some common sense. Please enjoy retirement, you deserve it!!!!!
    Sincerely, -Daron Wojnowski


  • Sinatra.  Elvis. The Beatles.  Steve Calabrese.  There will never be another . . . Love you, Brother! -John Miller


  • Looking back on my first year in the dean’s office, I always know that one of my favorite memories will be morning bus duty with Steve. Every day he had a new story or memory to tell me from his time at south. I looked forward to it every day! He has also been great at showing me the ropes as he knows every corner of this building! I wish you the best of luck- it won’t be the same at PSHS without you! – Jessica Bernacki


  • Steve will surely be missed!  He always had a kind word to say or was busy helping a student.  I enjoyed hearing whatever stories he had to share.  Best wishes for your retirement! – Ben Wittenkeller


  • Steve Calabrese embodies everything we are about at PSHS.  He has been a mentor and friend to students and staff. His presence in the hallways the past 20 years will be sorely missed. But more than that, his stories, smile, laughter, and friendship can never be replaced. I have been blessed to have worked with Steve and to share so many memories of things that have happened at South over the years. Plainfield South is a better place because of Steve Calabrese! Good luck in Florida, you deserve and have earned a relaxing retirement. Take care my friend!! -Bob Yanello


  • Steve Calabrese has been an important part of the culture here at PSHS for the past two decades. Whether he’s taking a student on a tour of the building, singing to the students in the cafeteria, or making sure everyone gets home safely at the end of the day, he always has a smile and something nice to say. One thing is for certain, he loved working with students. I will miss our morning chats reminiscing about the “good old days” when South first opened and how far we have come. I wish Steve all the best in Florida and keep sending us those weather reports!  -Phil Pakowski


  • I will miss my Goombata. For the past 17 years we’ve had countless chats about many thing but especially the Soprano’s and the Mafia. I would always go to him for his review of the latest mob movies. Steve has always been extra kind and helpful to everyone and I know the students really love him. All the best my friend! -Lee Dvorak


  • Steve, I’m thankful for your friendship. I will always appreciate and attempt to emulate the kindness, respect, and grace that you show towards our students everyday. I will treasure the memories of our conversations walking into the building together each morning. They were a great encouragement to help me start each day. Congratulations on your retirement. I will miss you, my friend. -Scott Nelson


  • I want you to know that I will miss you here at work, but understand that this feeling may not be mutual! Enjoy your retirement!  I wish you the best in all you do. -Megan Majka


  • Dear Steve, I will miss your smiling face 🙂  You were always ready to help me carry a heavy load or open a door for me.  These hallways will not be the same without you.  May the Florida sun shine warmly on you as you begin your life as a full time beachcomber. Hugs, Francey


  • Dear Mr. Steve, Thanks so very much for being the Best Human Being EVER !!! I will never forget your kindness to the students and us !!! You have really gone above and beyond.  Please know that you will never be replaced !! With Love and Gratitude, Mrs. Barb


  • Steve is my “Beatles buddy”. I will miss our movie and music conversation -Jeff Jarot


  • Steve, Thank you for everything that you have done here at Plainfield South!!  Enjoy your retirement in sunny Florida!! -Coach Crowe


  • Steve, It has been an awesome time sharing our Florida stories and flights to Florida.  I can’t wait to join you in Florida!  Enjoy the warm weather!  You deserve it! -Nick Rayola


  • Steve, Good luck to you in retirement.  You have done more for the Plainfield South community than anyone will ever know.  What you have done at this school will be sorely missed but most of all your friendship will be missed. -Brian Beck


  • Steve, Thank you for 20 years of friendship! You will be truly missed. Enjoy your retirement in sunny Florida! -Anastasia Allen


  • Steve, Hang Ten in Cocoa. Enjoy Every Moment -Pam Brand


  • I have had the pleasure of working with and getting to know Steve since PSHS opened in 2001.  He has worked tirelessly for the students and staff and has had a lasting impact on so many!  If anyone embodies what it means to be a Cougar, it’s Steve!  He will be truly missed, but will always be a part of the Cougar family! Thanks, Lisa