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Ella Underwood, Associate Editor

Hi! My name is Ella Underwood but you can address me as L. I am a Junior here at PSHS and I am this year’s Associate Editor. This is the start of my second year writing for the Paw Print.

I took Journalism 1 my Sophomore year on recommendation from my English 1 Honors teacher. I took the offer and joined journalism just to write. I have a lot of things going around in my head all the time that I would love for people to hear. I knew that this class would also make me more social with having to do interviews. I have always had a passion for writing and I am always looking for something to push me out of my comfort zone. My articles will usually consist of mental health advocacy, LGBTQ+ advocacy, and issues I see in my community and country.

Inside of school, I am the current Vice President of the Anime Club here at South. Outside of school, I am usually in the dance studio. I am a competitive dancer and have been for almost 14 years. In my free time, I am drawing, cosplaying, playing with my animals, or watching anime and true crime. I go to anime conventions and cosplay mostly in Chicago. I am always drawing whether it's digital or traditional. With my animals, I have 4 hamsters, two bearded dragons, two dogs, 1 leopard gecko, and 1 tokay gecko. Like I mentioned, I am also a huge true crime fan.

In the future, my dream is to keep dancing. But, I would also like to look more into psychology, forensics, and journalism for a career opportunity. Dance will always be in my life though. I would like to be a counselor, journalist, or a forensic investigator. I am planning on going to Waubonsee Community College for my associates degree then I’ll move on from there to whatever fits me. 

I’m honored to be a part of the staff this year and to advocate for each and every person in this school.


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Ella Underwood