Attack On Titan breaking fans’ hearts with loveable characters

Ella Underwood, Editor-In-Chief

One of the most iconic mainstream anime, Attack on Titan, is tearing the hearts out of fans with the emotional finale. Attack on Titan has been a roller coaster of emotions with character deaths and betrayals, and now the war is in its final twists and turns as the soldiers dedicate their hearts to humanity. 

Main character, Eren Jaeger, and his comrades live on Paradis Island where three walls, each 50 meters high, make up the livable area. The walls keep the people safe from the large human-like creatures that are out for blood. Different military regiments were created to protect the people inside the walls. 

The animation and artistry in Attack on Titan never fails to amaze me. It captures the time period and a state of war through the architecture of the village and the crowds of people watching as the soldiers come back from war. The fight scenes are well-animated and the proportions of humans to titans is portrayed perfectly through perspective drawing and maintaining consistent scales. 

All of the characters have distinct facial and body features, which is not a common occurrence in anime. For example, commander Hange Zoe has a Roman nose type which isn’t portrayed in animation much. They all vary in height and body type as well. They also age without the artists having to give them wrinkles and the designs are consistent such as Mikasa’s scar on her cheek. The variety amongst the characters make Attack on Titan special. 

So far, the show has me in its clutch. I am always awaiting the next episode. The characters have so much life and differ in personality. The show always has its audience on the edge of their seats, wondering if their favorite soldier will perish in battle. Some fans already lost their favorites to the first season. Setting it apart from all other anime and even normal action movies, the main characters are never safe in Attack on Titan.

Anyone with an appreciation for stellar animation and diverse characters who don’t mind some gore should pick up the show. Most of the seasons can be found on Netflix or any anime streaming site. Since gore isn’t for everyone and some people don’t want to see their favorites die, I suggest watching Attack on Titan Junior High for it is more comedic and lighthearted.