Junior exemplifies passion, kindness in pursuits

Ella Underwood, Editor-In-Chief

Some say today’s society is in desperate need of kind, compassionate people in the world. Sondos Hassan, junior, is someone anyone can turn to. Not only is she caring, she is also involved heavily in school and religion. 

To her classmates, Hassan is an extremely passionate individual.

“I believe I originally met Sondos in middle school from choir, but got closer with her recently.” Sophomore Kamden Peterson said. “She’s very encouraging and one of the sweetest people ever!”

Hassan has been involved in choir related projects at South such as Madrigals and Perfect Pitches.

“I’m a choir kid, and I live and breathe everything choir,” Hassan said. 

Hassan is also involved in National Honors Society, Black Student Association, and Scholastic Bowl. She has been very involved in the Drama club as well.

“I [also] serve as the treasurer of the Drama club. I am heavily involved in all of the club’s endeavors,” Hassan said.

Hassan is also indulged in the culture of Egypt. Being of Egyptian descent, Hassan has visited the country  a few times. 

“Although I was born in the United States, I’ve been to Egypt three times and every plane ride home to the states, I feel miserable about returning back to Illinois,” Hassan said. She can speak fluent Egyptian-dialect Arabic. 

Hassan explains how physically being in Egypt makes her feel at home and better accepted in the community.

“I often find myself extremely homesick and waiting to live back in Egypt as there is a quality to life that I cannot explain,” Hassan said.

Religion is very important to Hassan. She has been participating in the Muslim holiday Ramadan, which is a huge part of her faith. 

“Ramadan is a holiday that is celebrated by the 2 billion Muslims of the world and it is the 9th month in the Muslim lunar calendar,” Hassan said, “We fast from food or drinks from dawn to sunset, and we repeat this fast everyday for a month.”

Outside of school and religion, Hassan enjoys cooking and even more singing. She also enjoys being around friends and family.

“I hope everyone reading this remembers they are loved and it’s okay to not be okay every once in a while. I’ll always be here for whoever may need it,” Hassan said.