Plainfield South writers get their chance to shine, Literary Magazine opens up new opportunities


Ella Underwood

“People should contribute or think about contributing because getting out of your comfort zone really helps you exceed,” member junior Abbey Clarke said.

Ella Underwood, Editor in Chief

Student creativity is endless and the Literary Magazine at South wants to capture it. Aspiring writers, artists, poets, and essayists are urged to publish their work and get it out there for people to read and enjoy. Everything in the Literary Magazine from the cover to the credits is created by students.
“I’m a writer myself so I thought it would be nice to see a magazine that was student driven,” Literary Magazine sponsor and English teacher, Jeff Jarot, said.
Students from all corners of academics have submitted pieces to the magazine.
“I used to be very into writing but as high school went on, it got busy, so it was a good opportunity,” junior Abbey Clarke said.
Students have also described entering the Literary Magazine as a creativity boost.
“It’s inspiring to see what other people do,” junior Raymond Roberto said. Roberto mentioned that submitting to the Literary Magazine is advancing him in his career choice of writing comics and television series.
Students are urged to use this opportunity to get their work published and enter competition at the Literary Festival. There are many categories offered such as poetry, short stories, critical essays, narrative essays, plays, art, and more.
“The award ceremonies, writers workshops, and talks with an author are the Literary Festival,” sponsor and AP Literature teacher Grace Bogdan said.
There is room for all creative minds in the magazine, seasoned writer or not.
“People should contribute or think about contributing because getting out of your comfort zone really helps you exceed I think it’s important to do stuff like that and get involved,” Clarke said.
Roberto added that more people should join the club since it is small and the magazine would benefit from more creative minds.
This year, anyone submitted into the Literary Magazine who earns an award will be taken to the Literary Festival.
“This year it will be held at Joliet Central. It’s always in April because it’s National Poetry Month,” Bogdan said.
There are also copies of the 2022 edition of the Literary Magazine being sold in room 409 or 410 for $3. The new edition will be out in May of 2023.