Semplinski serves smiles during lunch

Ella (L) Underwood, Editor in Chief

Every day in the cafeteria, students tend to just pass by the wonderful people in the kitchen who take their time to feed them. Michelle Semplinski  is one of the smiling faces in the cafeteria who serves the students.
Semplinski  has been working with the Plainfield South lunch staff for five years. She initially started working here because it was close to home.
“I enjoy interacting with the students,” Semplinski  said. She is always friendly with any student who sparks a conversation with her.
Maria Rojas, another member of the lunch staff, has worked with Semplinski  for two years.
“She’s awesome. She likes to keep things in order and works well with people,” Rojas said.
Outside of school, Semplinski  enjoys working in her garden.
“[Over the summer], I get to spend time with my family and friends,” Semplinski  said.
In the end, Semplinski said all of  the lunch staff works well together to feed the students of South.