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Siah Hernandez, Sports Editor

Hey!! My name is Jeahsiah Hernandez and I'm a senior at Plainfield South. This is my second year writing for the paper and my first year as the Sports editor. I came into journalism after being recommended by my sophomore English teacher. The idea of taking a different type of class intrigued me so I took it and never looked back. 


Writing has always been fun to me, but I was always bogged down by assignments with boring restrictions. The Paw Print gave me an academic environment where I could write freely and pursue whatever interested me. Sports was one of those things and as the Sports editor I try to highlight both the people and the passion that comes with the competitive world of sports. My big goal for this year is to help contribute to a paper that better represents the large variety of students at South. 


Outside of the Paw Print I’ve run Track & Field for all four years while also participating in a few different teams for the Cougars. Not one team has failed to amaze me for how dedicated they are to improving upon themselves. All of them have outstanding couches that all care about both the kids and their journey. To me, sports really is pure art and seeing it thrive in this school is truly amazing.


I’m so excited for this upcoming year and cannot wait to leave a mark on this program.

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Madelynn Frapasella Staff Writer, about Siah

Siah Hernandez is the sports editor for The Paw Print. He’s passionate about writing and is up to date with the latest sports news. 

Hernandez started to get into journalism from a recommendation from his English teacher Tara Smith. He loves to write and is a news junkie. He also loves reading the paper and would be the first one to pick it up when it came out before he joined journalism. The environment that being in the pawprint has made him stick with writing. 

“I just fell in love with [writing]. I've always loved writing [Also I] loved spreading, especially what I care about. You don't get that in English classes," Herndandez said.

Caroline Butler, who is the advisor for The Paw Print comments on how Hernandez is passionate about writing for The Paw Print. 

“[The] interest he provides in people shows me that he is really fit for being a good writer,” Butler said. 

A big part of writing for the paper is interviewing, and Hernandez loves to interview. He says the best part about interviewing  is seeing how passionate people are about their certain sport. 

“[I love interviewing] the coaches. Getting their interviews and putting that into the paper. Just hearing how passionate they are about their love for the sport makes me passionate about writing about it,”  Hernandez said.

Writing is one of Hernandez’s favorite hobbies. He will see something on TikTok then spend hours researching and writing in his notes app. But besides writing he loves music.  He also plays fantasy basketball in his free time. 

“I really like music. I throw myself into albums and listen to them on repeat,” Hernandez said. 

Hernandez Roman Empire is the rhetorical analysis of the Mario Movie. For context, a Roman Empire is something you think about all the time. Another thing is he thinks that the current economic state of the US is not too good, but he's not focused on that right now. He’s just trying to live life and have fun. One last thing he sees potential in is Justin Fields from the Chicago Bears. After their first win, Hernandez wants them to go undefeated but realistically he thinks that they will win some more games and lose a lot more. 

“My roman empire is the rhetorical analysis of the mario movie. It talks about dr pepper too. It’s so funny. You need to look at it.” Hernandez said.

One piece of advice Hernandez has for future journalists who might be interviewing for the first time is to be confident.  

“Not being awkward. Make it more of a conversation than an interview. Try to have it flow,” said Hernandez. 


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