Dance team opens season with unique, challenging styles


Photo courtesy of Natalie Fisher

Emily Manning, Editor-in-Chief

As the winter begins, Plainfield South dancers prepare for their competition season, and they currently are exploring new styles.
“We get to create a dance that tells a story more than fall season dances where they’re focusing on a certain style. It’s fun to see the kids grow as they perform and get feedback from the judges,” said Natalie Fisher, dance head coach.
There is a lot that goes into the competition season.
“During competition season we really focus on one dance that we compete and focusing on the story and artistry behind it, focusing on the formation and the flow, the emotion behind the piece,” Fisher said.
Even though the competition season did not officially start until the beginning of November, Fisher prepared the team over the summer.
“I started to look for music, we also tried to work on some of the technical skills like our turns section. We also started to work on some combinations we use in the dance. This summer we came in for 3 practices or so to try out some of the choreography,” Fisher said.
Not only do they improve their work together, but they aim to overcome their own challenges.
“The individual challenges I face are executing the new and challenging turn combo that we have and keeping my technique in good shape to compete,” said Samantha Gienko, senior.
The team said they create a positive atmosphere by bringing their enthusiasm and excitement to every rehearsal and competition.
“It helps create a close comradery between them which is something you need when you are competing,” Fisher said.
The team agrees that their loyalty to one another helps them through the season.
“I feel we have been doing well with backing each other by supporting one another through tough practices and games and also able to help one another,” said Amber Tuck, junior.
The first dance competition will be on Dec. 7 at Minooka Central Campus.