PSHS history teacher shares hobby with student in paragliding demonstration

Plainfield South teacher Lee Dvorak demonstrates paragliding to students and staff on Friday, Aug. 20. Dvorak has been on 43 paragliding flights and currently enjoys the hobby with his son. 

“My son, in March of this year, saw [paragliding videos] on YouTube,” Dvorak said. After taking interest in the activity, Dvorak’s son created a YouTube channel, The Hobby Channel with Scott Dvorak.

Dvorak hosted the demonstration outside the 100 RS on Friday and notified staff of the event, inviting teachers to bring their students outside. Participating students watched as Dvorak modeled  how to paraglide. 

“It was pretty interesting, he showed us how the parachute worked without the motor,” Plainfield South junior Alex Ortega said.

Dvorak served in the army as a paratrooper, a drill instructor, and a paramedic instructor. However, he says nothing can quite compare to this. 

“This is the most exciting thing I have ever done in my life,” Dvorak said. 

Dvorak gave the students a quick lesson, discussing equipment usage and demonstrating the glider. Even though he never left the ground, he still captivated the audience. Students were able to ask questions after and learn more about the activity. 

 “He said if it were windy enough it could possibly take him off the ground with just the glider,” Ortega said.

There is little government restriction regarding paragliding. Besides not being able to fly over a select few locations among a few other regulations, paragliding is an accessible, but expensive hobby. Costs can range from $3,000 to $6,000 to acquire the equipment needed.

Dvorak was seen by students soaring over the stadium on Blue and White night. He hopes exposing students to his hobby will catch their interest like it did him and his son.

“A couple hundred kids saw this [the demonstration], but if only one wants to try then that’s cool,” he said. 

Those interested in learning more about paragliding can find Dvorak in Room 120. 

Dvorak demonstrates paragliding to students. (Delaney O’Sullivan)
Delaney O’Sullivan
Delaney O’Sullivan
Students gather outside the 100 RS (Delaney O’Sullivan)