Winter Weight Training Program Free to Students

George Despain, Staff Writer

Along with the experienced teams and coaches at South, students have the opportunity to utilize the weightroom after school this winter to improve their wellness.
The weight room is open everyday from 2:30 to 4:00 p.m with access to the field house on Wednesdays.
Benjamin DeLange is a track coach and the core leader of the after-school program.
“Everyone can come out and join us,” said DeLange. “Every sport is [going to] be there throughout the week. Typically we try to get at least 2-3 lifts to all sports throughout the week.”
Lifting weights through the offseason can pay dividends for athletes. Without activities like track, football, or soccer in session, continuing to work the muscle groups  helps them stay conditioned for their sport.
Rudy Silva, a junior on the wrestling team, has been lifting for a few years. This semester is his first time attending the winter program. With practice, he has tailored his training to what he wants to accomplish with his season.
“Depending on what your training for you can change the reps and weight, for example I want better muscle endurance so I would do lower weight and more reps,” Silva said.
Silva alongside many other student athletes prefer more than just one place to train. Public and home gyms allow for players to remain consistent over the weekend or other breaks away from school. However, working out with safety plays a crucial part in making sure students can actually make progress.
“A lot of times kids get injured because they try to do more weight than they’re capable of doing with poor technique,” said Alan Donley. Donley is a part of the athletic training staff here at South.
Especially towards the start of one’s lifting journey, the urge to advance to more challenging exercises is very common. According to Donley, a wider influx of athletes tend to see the trainers at the beginning of the season, where they aren’t in peak shape. The trainers are available to see every day after school until about 6 p.m. or 7 p.m.
For newcomers to the world of weight training, taking it slow and steady towards the start of the journey is very important. Jason Crowe is a strength performance teacher at South and advocates for good technique in the weight room.
“The best thing is to always focus on your own personal best, focus on your own personal gains, and don’t worry about what other people think.”
According to Crowe, who also coaches cross country and track & field, it’s quite common for teenagers to feel intimidated at the gym, especially by other people lifting heavier weights. But, everyone has started out as a beginner and most veteran lifters can actually provide great insight into what it takes to become stronger.
“I hope everyone comes out, and if you’re in a sport, I highly recommend you guys and girls come into the weightroom and hopefully have a great season,” DeLange mentioned.
According to DeLange, the relationship between coaches and their athletes or prospects certainly benefits from getting to put in work together through the offseason. The recruitment process runs a lot smoother.
Whether you’re looking to make changes to your health, improve at a sport, or simply see if weight training is for you, making use of the after school fitness program is an amazing way to do so. Easy access to equipment and a positive atmosphere is surely something everyone should try to take advantage of.