Driving responsibly: how to save lives and stay safe

Victoria Camarda, Staff Writer

Driving is a privilege that is not given to everyone, and yet the people who reap this benefit often abuse it. Reckless driving causes severe penalties that impact many people’s lives, including students in our building.
An average of 99 fatal car accidents happens every day in the US and about 1.35 million people die each year due to car accidents worldwide. Road fatalities are the leading cause of death for people between the ages of five and 29.
Getting behind the wheel is one of the most dangerous daily tasks. Not only can drivers harm themselves, but they are at risk of harming others; therefore, the act should be done with precaution. The following include some forms of unsafe, reckless driving and how to prevent it.
1. Risky moves: Stay alert and avoid risky behaviors. A good driver is a defensive driver. While on the road, always be cautious of what is going on around you. You can control how you drive, but you cannot control others.

2. Driving under the influence: One of the main causes of fatal accidents is driving under the influence, and alcohol and drug use is more and more prevalent among teen drivers today. Many people who participate in the act of drunk driving do not know the consequences that can come from it. It is a major crime that can lead to fines, license loss, and arrest. The greatest punishment of all is the chance of taking someone’s life because of an unsafe, immature decision.
3. Texting and talking while driving: Being distracted while driving is one of the most dangerous things you could do behind the wheel. In order to drive safely, you need to have your full attention on the road. Today, phones are one of the biggest distractions. Using your phones while driving can put you and your passengers in harm’s way.
There are some safe impromptu driving techniques that can help you and your passengers stay safe and calm while driving. One way to do this is being fully rested before you hit the road. Driving can be a strenuous and a full attention-consuming activity, so having a good night’s rest beforehand will benefit your safety greatly. Another driving tip is if you insist on listening to music while driving, keep it at a low volume. Drivers need to be alert and pay attention. Having loud music playing can be very distracting. Lastly, keeping passengers to a minimum is a must, for there is a limited number of seats in a car for a reason. The fewer passengers, the lower the risk of distractions, which means safer driving overall.
Safe driving is up to everyone on the road; it is based on the decisions that you make while you are behind the wheel. Keep everyone safe while keeping yourself safe- do not drive recklessly.