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Paws or Claws: Fallout 4

Jon Otero, Staff Writer

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In the world of gaming there has always been rivalries: Call of Duty vs. Battlefield, Overwatch vs.Team Fortress, and Fallout 4 vs. Skyrim. Let’s focus on the fight between Skyrim and Fallout 4.
Both games have been made by the same developer, Bethesda: They have created master pieces in the genre of fantasy and sci-fi. Doom 2016, Dishonored 1 & 2 and The Wolfenstein series for example.

Fallout no doubt been the superior universe. In this game, a nuclear war has just started. You and your family are sent to a vault (underground bunker) where you’re frozen cryogenically; unfortunately it does not go as planned. In the middle of the sleep you are awoken to see your wife killed and your son kidnapped. You go back to sleep and wake up a few hours later with a plan for revenge and to re-unite with your son.

First this story line already has an emotional component, whereas Skyrim does not.

With a better story we also have better gameplay. It’s fluid and always keeps you on edge. Even though Skyrim is fun, the gameplay is a little bit squared, making it feel robotic in its nature; feeling stiff and not having much motion.

Not only does Fallout 4 have great gameplay it also has a more vivid world, from interesting characters to dangerous creatures, the environments are colorful and not at all repetitive as you can always find new places to go. Skyrim does not possess that luxury, it’s just trees and caves that gets boring after a while.

Many other mechanics also surpass Skyrim. The crafting system for one, feeling accomplished after crafting a certain armor or weapon. Skyrim does have a crafting system; however, it’s simple and way too easy to craft, taking away the sense of accomplishment of making something new.

Finally let’s not forget the cut scenes, which make this wonderful and fantastic world more alive, not just robotic. Even though Skyrim is older than Fallout 4, it does not excuse it from not having cut scenes when other games from that time had them.

In the end Bethesda really outdid themselves in every way possible with the latest installment of Fallout.

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Paws or Claws: Fallout 4