Football builds school culture, maintains goals


Ashley Smiley

The game displayed above is at Romeoville on Friday, Sept. 23. South took home the win, 42-6. Players in order left to right: Aleks Cerda, Julian Watts, Matthew Sperling, Matthew Janiak, Tyler Czosnyka, Mustafa Al-Mahdawi, Joshua Cygan, Nicholas Spiller, Moses Thomas.

Ella Underwood, Editor in Chief

Popular movies with high school settings almost always have football games in some capacity. Not only is it a highlight of the high school experience, it is also a traditional American sport.

“I think when you have a good football team the kids love to come to the games and go to the away games and carry you throughout the year,” said varsity football coach, William Bicker.

Bicker also notes that it makes homecoming week one of the highlights of the school year.

“If it’s a good season it can really get the positive school culture going,” said Bicker.

Moving up to the varsity team is an achievement to football players such as Sophomore wide receiver Caden Pierceall.

“During summer I was working with the sophomores and doing JV reps, and I got brought up for seven on seven and I just had a day and they invited me to join varsity,” said Pierceall.

Varsity is not only one more step up, they prove to be a very close group of people.

Having a team that is close and willing to communicate is a crucial part of football, according to quarterback Connor Folliard.

“This year is a lot better because last year I had to play varsity and it was kind of hard but this year I’m old enough now and mature enough. The team uplifts me this year and everyone is cool with each other,” said Folliard.

Folliard mentions the team usually gathers once a week to have a team dinner

“This year we are all really close,” said Folliard.

Bicker continues to praise his players for their work ethic and spotlights a few students that stand out.

“Brian Stanton is incredible. Probably the best player I have ever coached. Humble, great work ethic, running back is fantastic. First game this year already I had 224 yards rushing and 95 receivings. Already doing great things for us, high quality kid,” said Bicker.

With past year’s records being high, even through the recent pandemic, Bicker believes his players will achieve their goals for the year.

“[The] first goal is to win Plainfield, […] That is an important piece of pride for us. The next goal is to qualify for the playoffs. Our third goal is to win the conference and our fourth goal is to play week 12 and beyond. To get to week 12, you have to win 2 playoff games,” Bicker said.